What is a B2B customer story?

A customer story is a great tool to use if you’ve got a really well defined buyer persona, and a willing customer that’s a carbon copy. Here are a few thoughts on what this entails.

The power of content personalisation

My thoughts on personalising the content journey, even when you don’t know someone’s name. Marketing friends, do you see better results from personalised content, or is your more generic content just as effective?

SEO hacks to help optimise your blog posts

If you haven’t got the resources to invest in SEO, either by outsourcing it to an expert or keeping up to date yourself, here are some simple SEO hacks to improve your blog content.

How to make your B2B blog interesting

If you think a B2B blog is always dry and boring, think again! It’s possible to creating inspiring, even fun, content that gets prospects to take action! In this post I share how to ensure your posts deliver.