After years working in advertising and marketing, a chance conversation with a mum at the school gate started my career in B2B content marketing.

She had a website with a blog, but no time or skills to write content to generate leads and turn them into customers. I did.

Long story short, over a decade later and I haven’t looked back. Specialising in B2B content marketing, I help businesses develop effective content journeys that take their target audiences from prospect to lead, to customer.

"Successful B2B content marketing starts with really understanding the people you are marketing to. Not a business, as the term B2B suggests, but real people who are looking for information to help make buying decisions on behalf of their companies and organisations."

Jane Woodyer

Award winning content

One of my claims to fame is that I've won the same Blog of the Year award twice, for different clients!
My B2B clients come from many different industries including:

I have worked in the IT industry since 2012 providing content marketing services for Managed Service Providers, IT consultancies and cyber security practices. In fact one of my clients was so impressed that they offered me a job as their Marketing Manager. I now bring this experience working across multi-disciplines to my freelance work.

One of my first content marketing jobs was for a creative recruitment agency. I quickly picked up more recruitment clients in construction and engineering, treasury, accountancy, and interim management, as well as more general agencies.

I’ve created content for companies providing HR services, such as employee benefit providers. Typically content is split between two key audiences: internal  HR teams and end users – employees.

I provide content marketing services for agencies marketing their own services, and for their clients. Please get in touch to find out how we can work in collaboration on your clients’ campaigns.

I have extensive experience in the payments space, creating content for payment providers such eWallet and payment gateway companies. This has often touched on the iGaming industry, creating content targeted at buyer personas in this vertical.

My clients in the world of translation & localisation need highly targeted content for different personas, often within the same organisation. For example, marketing departments require content about transcreation whereas HR teams need content about translating L&D resources, internal comms, training documentation etc.  

One of the joys of working as a freelance content marketer is the variety of businesses you support. Clients not included in the categories above have specialised in everything from electronics to SaaS solutions, from selling flavourings to navigation aids! 


My approach to content marketing is to flip the marketing funnel and work backwards, from bottom to top.

The first step is to get an in-depth understanding of your target audience. I create a buyer persona based on a real-life customer, someone you want to replicate a thousand times over.

From this discovery I plan out a content journey for the buyer persona, aligned with your product or service.

Next I create bottom of the funnel (BOFU) content like onboarding information, pricing, SLAs, testimonials, relevant & relatable case studies, customer stories, and content about ROI and payback periods. All closely aligned with your target audience’s needs, which helps them make the decision to engage with your business and buy your product or service.

Then I focus on MOFU content that converts prospects into leads, and finally TOFU content that attracts prospects to your brand.

Engaging, awareness raising, and targeted SEO content designed to generate interest in your brand, your company, your services and guide them through your marketing funnel.

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