Content in a Box

for B2B companies

Are you struggling to create content for your website, social media and emails so you can attract new customers, nurture old, and convert them into leads?

Content in a Box gives your B2B company high quality content, aligned with your target audiences.

What's in the box?​

Content for every stage of the marketing funnel

It all starts with a customer. We write a great case study or customer story to convert leads generated by the other content assets into new customers.

Using our templates* with your logo, brand colours and font we will create a lead generation tool, such as an eGuide. The type of content and format is aligned with the services you wish to promote, and the audience you want to grow. We also provide you with text to create a landing page.
*or we can use your existing brand templates

Each lead generating download is supported with 3 blog posts that can be posted on your company website, on LinkedIn, as guest blogs or any other platform you choose. Engaging, awareness raising, and targeted SEO content designed to generate interest in you, your company and your services; and point prospects in the direction of your branded PDF.

We provide you with content for one email to promote your case study, blog content or branded PDF directly to contacts in your database. This helps you to nurture existing leads and retain customers with value-adding content.

Promote your case study, blog posts and branded PDF on social media using updates written to persuade prospects to click on your links. Blog posts, PDFs and case studies are supported with 2 individual social media updates.

Before we start creating content, you will receive a proposal with working titles and an outline of what each long form content asset will include.

Benefits of Content in a Box

Each content package drives prospects and customers from social media, email & search engine results to your website and marketing funnel. Turning them into leads and customers.

  • Launch a new product or service
  • Kickstart a marketing campaign
  • Boost SEO for a product or service
  • Target a new buyer persona
  • Increase brand awareness


I was really impressed by Jane's Content in a Box service. She really took the time to understand the market, our customers and our products, to a technical level. The resulting content is highly targeted at our buyers, providing us with resources they want to read and engage with.

Kick start your next B2B campaign with Content in a Box

Or use Content in a Box to boost SEO, reach a new target audience, increase brand awareness or launch a new service or product.

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